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Legal requirements for getting married in Greece

Documents needed in order to get married in Greece

All documents must be translated in Greek and must have the apostil (stamp of the External Affairs Ministry from the country of origin). Also must be sent to us minimum 4 weeks before the wedding must take place

For civil marriage 
  1. Both parties must obtain Full Birth Certificate
  2. Certificate of impediments to the marriage – the document certifies that both parties are free to get married and can be obtained from Register Office of their hometown. This certificate must not be issued more than 3 months before the wedding day
  3. Decree absolute – if any of the parties is divorced, a Certified Copy of the Decree Absolute must be obtained. If any of the parties is a widower, a Death Certificate must be obtained.
  4. Adoption Certificate – necessary if any of the parties has been adopted
  5. Deed Poll – if there has been any change of name by either party, a copy of the Deed Poll is required

Catholic Weddings

Catholic Church wedding can take place only if none of the parties have been previously married, if either the bride or groom is catholic and both have been baptized.
It’s necessary to inform also the catholic priest of their local parish of their intent to marry abroad. The priest will provide the needed documentation and all the preparations required by the Catholic Church. As soon as the couple is in the possession of al the documentations will forward to our office in order to inform the catholic priest from the church where the ceremony will take place

Orthodox Weddings

In this case the marriage can be performed even if one or both parties have been previously married. But also they need to have birth and baptism certificate and to inform the Orthodox priest of their local parish. The priest will confirm to the couple what further documentation is required. After they obtain all the necessary documents they’ll forward them to our office.

Weddings In Rhodes

Weddings In Rhodes
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