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Rhodes – wedding destination

The largest of Dodecanese Rhodes is known as well as The Isle of the Sun.
This beautiful island's history begins long ago in the mist of mythology. According to the myth, Zeus decided to apportion the islands of Greece to the other Gods.
The Sun God Helios selected Rhodes, while it emerged from the azure blue sea, flooded it with his light and made it the most beautiful islands.
The name Rhodes was chosen after the nymph Rhode (the daughter of Aphrodite) with whom Helios felt in love.
This resort island today does enjoy a most favorable climate, what with the cooling winds from the north blowing across during the summer months and the warming breezes from African deserts in the winter time.
There is no winter as such, and an overcoat is distinctly excess baggage at any time.
Rhodes is officially “blessed” with 3,250 hours of sunshine a year, for an average of nine hours a day.
Coveted down through the ages, primarily for its strategic position, Rhodes has been conquered by a host of invaders.
Influences by civilizations of the Continent and by those of the Orient have resulted in a colorful history for the 600 - square mile island.
Daring adventure, treachery, envy, barbarity, compassion and romance have all been part of her chapters in the annals of time.

Rhodes Town is really made up of two parts The Old and the New Town, both having something different to offer its visitors.
The Old City is encircled by the walls of a medieval fortress and is very impressive it also has a labyrinth of cobbled streets, you may want to stroll around and explore at your leisure, stopping at one of the tavernas on the way.

The island enjoys a mild climate with adequate rainfall, which accounts for its profuse vegetation. In reality there are only 2 seasons: spring and summer.
After November, when the first rains fall, the ground is carpeted with green and by February Rhodes has become one vast flower garden.
The summer heat is offset by a cooling, and sometimes strong sea breeze.

Rhodes Island is truly a perfect wedding destination as it has a large variety of landscapes that can fulfill most of the dream weddings.

The city of Lindos, the only city surviving from Antiquity offers clear waters and most beaches. Except the Saint Nicholas Church, which is really on the beach and the couple can leave the ceremony by boat, keep in mind that is the only city on the island where you can pretty much have the ceremony anywhere: by the pool of your hotel, straight on the beach, at sea on a rented boat or even at the feet of the Acropolis.
Of course, the time of the ceremony is very important as Lindos is vibrating of tourists in the summer.

Faliraki area is the opposite of Lindos having large sandy beaches and the “Golden Hour” (around 6-7 o clock in the summer) gives the most romantic atmosphere.
In this area we have only 2 wedding venues: Kalithea and Hotel Palladium. Both of the locations provide weddings on the beach.

Filerimos Cross is in the Ialyssos area. Please keep in mind that in this location can be performed only symbolic ceremony; the actual signing of the documents taking place at the Ialyssos Town hall one day after the ceremony.

And finally, but not the last, Rhodes Town with its exquisite medieval city and medieval buildings. Lady de Burgh, one of our wedding venues, it was in fact a Catholic church. Just next to it you can have a cocktail at one of the restaurants or you can have the entire reception.

Another wedding venue is Saint Nicholas Gate - A medieval building overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Main Harbor. As in Lady de Burgh venue, also here you don’t really need much of a decoration, the breath of the historical walls making the entire atmosphere.
Known as the place where The Colossus feet were, The Two Deers has a convenient position: next to the Rhodes Town hall and the harbor for yachts.

All Rhodes Town locations are perfect for an arrival by carriage if you ever dreamed off. Also a tour with the carriage can complete the ceremony.


Weddings In Rhodes

Weddings In Rhodes
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