There are many choices for wedding celebrations in Greece. Wedding receptions can include anything from private dinners for two to full-scale parties for hundreds.Imagine celebrating your love and commitment in a True Medieval building, taking pictures under artistic masterpieces and enjoying a candlelit dinner in a room fit for a king. Imagine strolling arm in arm with your beloved through exquisite Rhodes beaches or dining in a romantic rooftop restaurant.Size doesn't matter to us. We'll plan the perfect reception for you whether you have just a few guests or over a hundred. Trust us to make your wedding and reception truly unforgettable.Your wedding coordinator will forward an assortment of menus to choose from based on your budget and preferences. Yes, we do offer vegetarian menu options as well as catering. The minimum number of courses offered will be 3, although most will range from 4 to 6, elegantly spaced so that guests have time to savor every bite and enjoy the special time with friends and family. Some menus include wine and cocktails in the price, while others have those items separately. Open bar and a magnificent dessert buffet are wonderful ways to end the celebration on a very sweet note.Menu prices will be quoted on a per person basis and include all taxes and service costs.A carefully planned and selected music entertainment can set the mood and energy of your wedding.