Wedding planner service

We will work with you to tailor-make your event so that it’s perfect. The list begins with apparent things like professional photographers and can get as elaborate as you want with fireworks, boat arrangements, and wedding favors. The possibilities are endless! We collaborate with only the finest and have a list of top service suppliers for flowers, photos, music, and anything else you may need.
Wedding planner services
- Organization of a civil ceremony including:
Assistance with the paperwork
Marriage certificate and translation
Witnesses, if required
Our full attendance at the ceremony
Translation of the documents
Pre-wedding meeting on your arrival to discuss all the details
- Organization and coordination of the reception including:
Extensive consultation hours
Free advice & discussion
Management of all suppliers (florists, musicians, transport, etc)
Meeting on the day of your arrival to discuss all the details related to the ceremony and the reception
Organize visits with suppliers for full peace of mind
Prepare table layouts and seating plans
Attend and help in any trial run
Supervision of ceremony and reception setup
Assistance and coordination of all services related to the whole event

Should there be something extra you want to be organized, we will be more than happy to talk to you directly about all your wishes