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Welcome to Weddings in Rhodes, where every love story is a masterpiece waiting to unfold!


With countless weddings under our belt, we can confidently say that each one has been a whirlwind of excitement and individuality.


Picture this: clandestine ceremonies on exotic shores, virtual lovebirds taking the plunge in the heart of the Aegean Sea, childhood sweethearts finally saying "I do" after decades apart – the list goes on!


From fairytale entrances atop majestic steeds to couples literally diving into matrimony, no tale is too wild for us to bring to life.


But here's the kicker – we know there are still countless untold stories out there, and we're itching to hear yours!


Let us be your partners in crafting the wedding day of your dreams, because at Weddings in Rhodes, it's all about making your unique story shine on your big day!






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When diving into wedding planning, what might spark excitement for some can trigger sheer panic for others. And when it comes to planning a destination wedding in Greece, the stakes are even higher.


Whether you're feeling giddy with anticipation or overwhelmed with stress, one thing's for sure – enlisting the help of a trusted wedding planner will be a game-changer.


Our team is armed with a perfect blend of creativity and practicality to handle every nitty-gritty detail of your special day.

In a nutshell, here's what we're all about:


We'll take the wheel on all your wedding planning stresses, handling last-minute details, errands, and any unexpected hiccups that come your way.

Your peace of mind is our mission!


We'll dive deep into understanding your vision and needs for your dream wedding. Then, we'll be your expert navigators, helping you choose the perfect venues that match your style and budget to a tee.


We'll skillfully manage and optimize your budget, assisting you in allocating funds where they matter most.

We'll break down all the costs and services, so you can make informed decisions with confidence.


We've got your back with all the paperwork for your civil or religious wedding in Greece, making sure everything's smooth sailing.

Plus, we'll be your go-to for all things logistics and travel, ensuring your journey to the big day is as exciting as the event itself!


We're all about keeping the lines of communication wide open, making sure we're on the same page every step of the way via email and beyond. And when it comes to coordinating with service vendors, you can bet we'll be right there, working hand in hand to ensure your day goes off without a hitch!


Consider us your ultimate advocates, tirelessly working behind the scenes to secure top-notch services, quality, and prices for your big day.

And throughout the planning process, we'll be right by your side, assisting in coordinating every activity to perfection!




  • What a whirlwind on the big day! It felt like stepping into a fairy tale for us, and we're beyond thankful for all your magic-making. Working with you has been a delight, and our hearts are bursting with appreciation for your incredible efforts. Sending oceans of love!
    Sarah & Michael
  • We feel incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with you. This wedding simply wouldn't have been possible without your warmth, expertise, and above all, your extraordinary character. Words can't fully express the depth of our gratitude. Everything was flawless, thanks to you.
    Emily & Daniel
  • We were blown away by how smoothly everything went at the wedding. We thought our daughter had it all under control, but you were absolutely amazing. Our evening was pure joy, thanks to your meticulous attention to detail. We can't express enough gratitude for making it the best wedding ever.
    Courtney S. (MoB)
  • Nothing was too much or too small and everything was done with great care and attention!
    Helen and Michael McCormack
  • Would I ever recommend you as a wedding coordinator? The answer would most definitely be YES!!!!With much love and affection,
    Jose & Emer Garrido
  • Everything was perfect! We had our dream wedding. Thank you very much!
    Adam & Kim

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